Please note that this is a sample menu for the 2019 season - a curation of the finest that Montreal has to offer. Truly a culinary experience with a diverse menu to please palettes of all kind that showcases local talent and local products. Items change regularly with what's in season.

2019 Food & drink vendors


Photo: Poutine & Tartiflette

Photo: Poutine & Tartiflette

The talented team behind Pastaga under the lead of the acclaimed Canadian Chef Martin Juneau are the creators behind the fantastic on-site menu. They are also the curators of our wine selection; every dish has a perfect wine to match it.

Martin Juneau has been named “Rising Star” in a publication in the "Gastronomie” magazine, and has also won the 2011 “Gold Medal Plates” competition, the most prestigious culinary competition in Canada.

Lunci, dinner & snacks inspired by the seasonal flavours available 7/7.

chef jae-anthony

New this season, Chef Jae-Anthony joined our team to bring you the very best the Caribbean has to offer with an on-site BBQ available 7/7.

“Our kitchen is filled with positive vibes all around. We are blessed with so much opportunity and good fortune, every day there’s just this aura of gratefulness to be here – pray daily and be thankful. We live by our motto #oneplateatatime, which means we stay on the ball when it comes to creating dishes and plating, but more than that, we apply that to life in general and just keep putting one foot in front of the other, focus on what’s in front of you and do it the best you can.” - Chef Jae-Anthony, Chef of Chef Works: Jae-Anthony by Lara, June 2018

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