Farmers' market

Every Thursday from 3 pm to 7 pm and Saturdays from 9 AM to 2 PM. 

Meet the farmers, greet the producers. & learn where your food comes from. Our vendors for summer 2019 are listed below with more on the way.

Stay tuned!


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La Fermette

La Fermette is a farmer's operation that was created out of the meeting between two restaurants and two farmers. Inspired by the model of bio-intensive agriculture following our visit to the Quatre-Temps Farm, we were inspired to cultivate thirty varieties of fresh vegetables on one hectare in the beautiful region of Hemmingford.

Products: diversified vegetables, herbs, fresh greens, etc.

Les Jardins Carya

Founded in 2011 by Ramzy Kassouf and Alex Flores, Les Jardins Carya is a diverse, certifiably organic farm located in Senneville, a village on the Island of Montreal. We cultivate 1.5 hectares, including three greenhouses and three caterpillar tunnels that extend our growing season from March to December. We are proud to provide food to our community, and ensure that the land is managed in a sustainable manner so that the farm remains productive for future generations.

Products: vegetables and fruits, micro-greens, transplants and resale of some organic fruits

La Petite Boulangerie

The products offered are developed and processed for the market entirely from raw products. Nothing is purchased from outside sources (i.e. pie crust, pie filling, cookie mix, uncooked croissants, etc.).

Ferme le Champs Libre

We chiefly produce garlic of various varieties, as well as ground cherries at La Présentation, about thirty-five kilometers from Montreal. We do not use any chemicals in our practices and most of the work is done by hand. While our region is very focused on monoculture grain and grain production, we on the other hand want to make consumers aware of as many varieties as possible. We like to talk with customers and share our passion for agriculture on small surfaces.

Products: a dozen varieties of garlic, ground cherries

ferme le champs libre
miel mtl

Miel Mtl

We are a sustainable, ecological and natural collective whose goal is to help integrate bees into our society. We are facing a decline of the bee, and as a result, the decline of bee products. MIEL MTL is here to help you discover raw honey, which is better than ever, and to develop an appreciation for the bees!

Products: honey from Montreal, Faberge, different neighbourhoods, raw honey/pollen

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