Farmers' market

Every Thursday from 3 pm to 7 pm and Saturdays from 9 PM to 2 PM. 

Meet the farmers, greet the producers. Learn where your food comes from. Our vendors for summer 2018 are:


Les Jardins Carya

Founded in 2011 by Ramzy Kassouf and Alex Flores, Les Jardins Carya is a diverse, certifiably organic farm located in Senneville, a village on the Island of Montreal. We cultivate 1.5 hectares, including three greenhouses and three caterpillar tunnels that extend our growing season from March to December. We are proud to provide food to our community, and ensure that the land is managed in a sustainable manner so that the farm remains productive for future generations.

Products: Vegetables and fruit, micro-greens, transplants and resale of some organic fruits.


La Petite Boulangerie

The products offered are developed and processed for the market entirely from raw products. Nothing is purchased from outside sources (i.e. pie crust, pie filling, cookie mix, uncooked croissants, etc.)

BreadBox by Crude Foods

BreadBox started with a simple question: Why is it so inconvenient to get hot and delicious bread at home? So we thought about the best bread we’ve ever had and got to work. We’re bringing you the ultimate-hot-out-of-the-oven-freshly-baked-bread-experience starting with Sourdough made from only flour, water, and salt. No preservatives, no additives, and no weird ingredients you can’t pronounce. It’s hard to have just one slice - we would know, we’ve devoured whole loaves in one sitting!

Why Sourdough? The naturally occurring probiotics help break down the carbohydrates, making bread that is easier to digest and healthier for you!

Our company, Crude Foods, has a mission to always be honest and provide you with the best products from the very start. That is why we are making a promise to always make foods from simple organic ingredients you can trust.


  • BreadBox Original (Frozen artisanal sourdough that people can buy, keep in their freezers and bake at their own convenience. They come in 2 sizes, either a loaf or 4 mini individual rolls)

  • BreadBox Raw (Raw sourdough loaf available while supplies last. It should be baked the same day as purchased.)

  • Freshly Baked Sourdough



Ferme A. Lauzon

Ferme Alain Lauzon is a producer of Angus beef, pork, and high-quality natural chickens. Our Angus steers are born on the farm and raised under artisanal conditions to avoid the negative effects of industrial production on both the cattle and the environment.

We offer meat that is produced in harmony with nature while respecting human health, without the  use of growth hormones or antibiotics, and our animals are kept free-range on pastures.

Our meat is treated to excellent butchery practices, and our products are kept in a waterproof, vacuum packaging to maintain freshness and allow quick defrosting in cold water for safe consumption.


Food is Love. Offering authentic quality Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Abruzzo Italy to the Montreal community.

Products: 250ml / 500ml / 750ml Extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian



Vivianne Gelato et Pâtisseries

What started with the desire to set up in the Sainte-Anne market by offering gelatos, sorbets, and pastries has become our little shop at the edge of the water, first opened in 2015. We make our own gelatos and sorbets in the store, as well as a variety of pastries which includes chimney cakes, a popular Eastern European street snack that is now breaking into the North American market. Always in search of new ideas, this year we’ve introduced Cuban sandwiches to satisfy our visitors at the market looking for something less sweet, and with more protein.

We are located in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, at the water's edge and next to the Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal National Historic Site, a tourist attraction welcoming thousands of visitors and boaters all summer long. You will find the Ecomuseum, the Morgan arboretum, the aviation museum, and the village of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue close to that location.

PRODUCTS : Gluten-free gelato made without eggs and sorbet without milk or eggs. 


Crickstart makes food products with roasted, organic cricket powder.

Products: Protein bars, crackers and cricket powder


ferme le champs libre

Ferme le Champs Libre

We chiefly produce garlic of various varieties, as well as ground cherries at La Présentation, about thirty-five kilometers from Montreal. We do not use any chemicals in our practices and most of the work is done by hand. While our region is very focused on monoculture grain and grain production, we on the other hand want to make consumers aware of as many varieties as possible. We like to talk with customers and share our passion for agriculture on small surfaces.

PRODUCTS: a dozen varieties of garlic, ground cherries.

Mark’s Hot Sauce

Since 2014, I have been making artisanal products in the Montreal area, using only locally sourced ingredients and without the use of chemical preservatives or additives.

marks hot sauce.jpg

miel mtl

Miel Mtl

We are a sustainable, ecological and natural collective whose goal is to help integrate bees into our society. We are facing a decline of the bee, and as a result, the decline of bee products. MIEL MTL is here to help you discover raw honey, which is better than ever, and to develop an appreciation for the bees!


  • Honey from Montreal

  • Honey from Fagergé

  • Honey from different neighbourhoods

  • Raw Honey / Pollen

Coopérative Le Terroir Solidaire

We are a small producers' cooperative in the Brome-Missisquoi region of the Eastern Townships. The cooperative is a new citizens’ initiative of responsible young entrepreneurs who are sensitive to ethical and ecological issues and are involved in regional agriculture. Our project combines the efforts of producers with craftsmen to develop fresh products from quality soil.


  • Pasture-raised pork, grass-fed beef, rabbit, chickens, whole turkeys and guinea fowls

  • Free-range hens’ eggs

  • Various vegetables

  • Fresh shoots

  • Garlic flower products

coop terroir.jpg

de la fourchette.jpg

De la fourche à la fourchette

My business brings together local and regional producers to market. From pitchfork to fork, we share our passion for products from the Eastern Townships and Montérégie. My main focus is the sale of sauces, snacks, and goat cheeses. I invite customers to try my specialized sprouting and sprouting products, available for pre-order.


Sylvie Poirier Créations de Verre

Sylvie Poirier Glass Creations was founded in 2016, specializing in glassblowing products such as jewelry in addition to objects both decorative and functional.

My greatest pleasure is to create and be able to share my work. My mission is to demonstrate my passion for the richness and beauty of glass. It is a noble and durable material.

PRODUCTS: I sell glass products and jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, and trinkets. I also make chokers and bracelets with charms.


fee des tartes.png

La Fée des Tartes

We started la Fée des Tartes with a passion for cooking, guided by products that embody homemade healthy eating. While baking for friends and family, I realized that my products were enjoyed by many and that there was a demand. La Fée des Tartes was born. My products are all homemade and crafted with local products.


Sucré-ô-carré is a homemade desserts company that offers craft squares from premium ingredients. What makes it unique? We have a wealth of original varieties! You can put together a box of different choices as you wish. Just choose the size you want and voila!

PRODUCTS : Squares, homemade desserts, jars of caramel (& coming soon: homemade cakes and juices!)


fleur de peau.jpg

Savonnerie À fleur de peau

At the edge of the skin is an ecological handmade soap. All our products are handmade, without any phthalates or chemical additives and using organic ingredients as much as possible. Our mission is to offer you soaps and other quality hygiene products, effective and good for your skin and your health.


  • Soaps

  • Bath salts

  • Bath milk

  • Bath bombs

  • Wipes

La Fermette

La Fermette is a farmer's operation that was created out of the meeting between two restaurants and two farmers. Inspired by the model of bio-intensive agriculture following our visit to the Quatre-Temps Farm, we were inspired to cultivate thirty varieties of fresh vegetables on one hectare in the beautiful region of Hemmingford.

PRODUCTS : Diversified vegetables, herbs, fresh greens, etc.

la fermette.jpg

domaine 15 lots.jpg

Domaine des 15 lots

My name is Nathalie Simoneau and I own Domaine des 15 Lots. With my brother and my sister, we have bought our parents’ maple grove which we now harvest together during the tapping season. The rest of the year, I sell all of our products.

We offer several kinds of syrups ranging from golden to dark, from the sweetest to the most full-bodied. I supply several restaurants and hotels with their syrup, and as a baker, I make several sweet pastries with maple syrup or maple sugar. I do not use any other sugar.

The maple grove is located in St-Julien, near Thetford Mines, in the Appalachian Mountains. We have 5000 taps and we boil with woodfire. During the harvest, I'm at the sugar bush, but the rest of the year, I live in Montreal.


  • Maple Syrup, Maple Butter, Maple Sugar, Sugarloaf

  • Various pastries sweetened with maple sugar and maple syrup only: Maple squares, Cakes with almond paste soaked in maple syrup, Maple maple marshmallow wafer, almonds and coconut, Reine-de-lis Elizabeth with Maple, Seasonal Fruit Croustade and Maple, etc.

Caprice & Co.

Caprice & Co is a luxury brand of body care and candles. Advocating for veganism and respect for the environment, we believe that the most powerful ingredients for a healthy skin and mind are provided by nature in its most basic form.

The brand was founded by Ketsia Curvers, a cosmetologist and mother of two little girls, who wants to ensure quality of life for others and transmit the best possible values. It is important for her to teach others to work in harmony with nature, to maintain a sustainable lifestyle, to reuse and recycle as much as possible, and to help others. With this ethos in mind, Caprice & Co supports charities by donating 20% f the company's profits.

Our products are: Vegan, animal-free, natural, soy-free, phthalate-free, petroleum-free, paraben-free, made with high quality ingredients, in small quantities, in recyclable containers, made with great love, and manufactured by hand in Canada, all in the charming little village of Ayer's Cliff in the province of Quebec.


  • Natural candles with organic coconut wax (no paraffin, no soy, no phthalates)

  • Bath Products (Bath Bombs, Soaps, Bath Salts, Oils)

caprice co .jpg

4 elements.jpg

4 Éléments

My candles are made with a natural soy wax. It is non-toxic and has no environmental impact, and does not harm the environment, humans or animals. My products come from the pond of Grand Coteau in Mascouche and the Moulins pond in Terrebonne.

PRODUCTS : Candles with natural soy wax


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